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Aryan's Baby Nursery Toddler Room Tour - The Before & After

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Ohmygod, I know I have been MIA for some time in this site but hey, I am bringing you one of the things that I have been busy and occupied with (apart from balancing my full time working mom/ wife life, planning a business, being a mommy and trying to have a social life). Aryan's, my lil two year old toddler's new room! I decided that it was time to give an upgrade to his baby room and turned it into a toddler room instead. I was inspired by the Montessori teaching for children and implemented it in his new room. The theme I was going for was Modern Bohemian Scandinavian  playing with white tones, natural wood colours, wicker baskets, nordic pieces and hints of colours here and there.

So before you check out the new look, check a few of the BEFORE pictures (with Aryan posing happily last time before Mommy did the makeover) down here:

Now let's get to the juicy part. ARYAN'S NEW TODDLER ROOM MAKEOVER! The AFTER photos!

As you first step into the room, you would see this IKEA natural birch wood dresser which is just the perfect kid size. Not to wide and not too tall. I decorated it with a mini succulent, a bunny night light, a canvas map from KMart and a cute Yasin book. Next to it is a small container that used to be a rubbish bin in a IKEA diaper changing tool set. Now I just put it on the floor next to the dresser for Aryan to throw trash away.   Not only that, I also stuck on a stick on hook from Daiso on the wall and hanged a crotchet dreamcatcher to catch all of Aryan's bad dreams awayyyyy.

Beside the dresser is where Aryan's new bed is located. Everything is from IKEA such as the bed, the mattress, the bedsheets, the pillow and the quilt. Except the bunny cushion pillow. The best part is I wanted to find a bed that Aryan can fit for the long run and not just at a certain age. So IKEA's extendable bed was the perfect choice! It can be changed into different lengths as he grows up and probably could last til his teen years if I am lucky. The mattress is also a special one designed to suit the extendable bed. So yes, the mattress is also extendable and the extendable part I had stored it under the bed.

There are various bed sheet designs from IKEA that could give your children's room that perfect spark. The ABC bedsheet in Aryan's room was his choice solely. I gave him options and he says  'Want ABC' so ABC it is.

I mean I couldn't leave the wall empty but if you remembered in the BEFORE pictures, this wall area was the part I hanged little frames to display ARYAN's name on the wall. And since this is a rented house, I did not want to make more damage to the wall and used that existing area to change it to a hook station instead. Took down all the frames and put up this wooden hook from KMart which could serve the purpose of hanging Aryan's stuff such as his backpack and coats. Cute and functional!

This is the view from from this side of the room which is Aryan's Montessori play area. Notice the letter 'A' for Aryan on the door? haha

Moving onto this corner of the room is Aryan's Montessori play/ learning area where he is free to explore his creativity and have independent play. If you have no idea or understanding what Montessori teaching is to your kid, it is a system of education which allows young children to develop natural interest and activities rather than using the formal teaching methods. Montessori Method of Education developed by Marie Montessori is a child-centered education approach based on the scientific observations of children. This method has been used for over 100 years all over the world. Do read up more on it to know more :) 

So basically, placing toys for example at a child's reach level allows them to be more independent in taking the things they want. Hence why I bought this EKET Ikea shelf to put his toys in, floor level book display and small table and chairs set also from IKEA to allow Aryan to independently learn. I switched a majority of plastic toys to wooden ones that are more sustainable for the long run. 

At the last side corner of the room just outside Aryan's bathroom is his Montessori clothing rack which I bought a a very affordable price. I moved the customized one out that we previously had in his room for this mini size fitting Aryan's height. Now he can easily pick out and hang his clothes when Mommy asks him too. 

Next to the mini clothing rack is a huge rattan basket I got from my mom's storage room at her house and used it as a place to put all of Aryan's soft toys in. Oh can you also spot his lil jute laundry basket near the bathroom door? 

For me, the best part of the room is none other than this fluffy nordic rug! The fluffiness, softness and depth is just perfect to lay on for that cozy feel. Plus, it lessens the impact if in case Aryan accidentally fell. 

Three carpets layered in the room!

Lastly here is one of my solution to store Aryan's train tracks away. In a wicker basket and stuffed it under the bed. As you can still see the underbed when you walk in the room, having a nice storage basket to display underneath the bed makes the whole interior pleasing to the eye while making it functional.

So how do you like Aryan's new toddler room makeover? Let me know in the comment section below if you are interested in any of the pieces in this room. I will definitely help share where and how much I got it for because I am that type of shopper who will search high and low for the best price of the best quality. Gotta save those coins! haha

Check out the room tour video here on my Youtube Channel as well :-

Til my next post.


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