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Baby's First Visit to the Zoo - A Day at ZOO Negara

Thursday, December 20, 2018

This entry might be a month overdue but still I want to share with you the experience we had :)

Last month, we wanted to go for a family day out but we prefer some place that is kid-friendly and we decided that bringing Aryan to the Zoo will be a great idea. We wore matching safari-inspired outfits for our day at the Zoo wearing a white top, khaki pants and shoes. Stepping into the Zoo at 10.15am after purchasing two adult tickets for RM43 each (children under 3 years old entry for free so Aryan got in free), we were greeted by the Zoo photographers to take a picture with a Panda mascot. Well that didn't go well as Aryan freaked out and was crying. So we decided to just proceed with our agenda and went to watch the animal live shows which was starting at 11am. The animal live show space was crowded but the show really was entertaining. Aryan love observing all the tricks the animals were doing.

After the live show ended, we walked on over to a space called Children's World in Zoo Negara where there would be an animal feeding session. The animal feeding session started at 12pm and Aryan was starting to feel comfortable enough to walk around when he saw other children around the area. I guess he felt that if they were brave enough, so should he. He went to the donkeys, bunnies and goats to pet them as he watched other kids around him feeding these animals. We wanted Aryan to experience feeding the animals by himself too so the hubs went to get the food supply from the Zoo Negara rangers in charge in that area.

Aryan was a fast learner as he was so independent feeding all the bunnies and goats. Just so you know, bunnies are his favorite animal. After around 30 minutes or so, we washed Aryan's hand with soap at the sink available in the same area and went to explore the whole Zoo. From looking at the elephants, tigers, giraffes, zebras and more.


The pandas (whom are placed in an air-conditioned building) were sleeping when we came but they are definitely cute. We bought a cupcake at the Panda cafe and Aryan was so hungry he was licking icing on his fingers.

 Aryan knew the existences of all these animals during this Zoo visit which became a fun yet educational experience for him. Overall, it was a well spent family day and we got a family photo of ourselves to remember Aryan's first visit to the Zoo with Mommy & Daddy.

Where should we bring our lil tot next? Share your ideas with me down below. Love to hear them!

Til then.


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