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Amazing Halloween Arts & Craft Activity for Your Toddler

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween Everyone! For parents who have young tots like me, I would normally look at my Fall list of things to do so I can get in the mood for the season. However, this list is altered to be more kid-friendly so we could enjoy it as a family and I also don't want my lil Aryan to feel Halloween as a traumatic experience. 

A week ago, I had planned out this cute Arts & Craft activity that I know my little toddler will enjoy, plus, as a working mom I think this would be a great bonding activity to spend time with my lil guy. Below are the things that you need for this Halloween themed Arts & Craft activity: 

a) coloured papers
b) scissors 
c) glue stick
d) a packet of craft doll wiggle eyes

I started pulling out coloured papers which are selected based on the Halloween coloured themes such as red, green, orange, black and white.  Cutting them into various shapes beforehand that could resemble any monster themed shapes for Halloween and stored it into a plastic container. My lil one was so excited when he saw me setting up his small table in his room with these Arts & Craft supplies and eagerly waiting for us to start.  

Explore your child's as well as your own creativity and imagination during this whole process. Do not rush things and let your child learn. I assisted my lil one along the whole process on how to glue things on and he was grinning ear to ear each time every monster was done. He also was being adorable whenever he touched the tip of the gluestick and asked me to wash his hands everytime he felt the stickiness of it on his fingers. Hahaha 

If you do not have the wiggly doll eyes, you could always improvise by making the eyes with coloured paper too. In total, we managed to make nine cute lil Halloween themed creatures. Take a look down below to see how amazing our lil boy did :)

You can also perform this activity with your kids not just for Halloween, but do it any other day with different types of themes. Probably you can cut out green, white and red for a Christmas theme as December is cominga round the corner. Whatever it is, remember to have fun with your kids and strengthen the bond. It is so nice to have those lil cute eyes looking up to you for your guidance. 

So what did you do on your Fall list of activities with your kids? Do share down below. Maybe we could try it too!

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