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Lil Aryan's First Birthday Party

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Last week on Sunday, I had organized the first birthday party of my lil Aryan. He is one year old! Time flies so fast and I had been planning his birthday for a few months. My husband and I invited close family and friends to celebrate the exciting day with us. It is not just Aryan's birthday but it also is a celebration of us being parents. We survived for a year. 

The party started around 11.00 am where a clown was there to entertain the kids and made the party alive. The clown made a lot of balloons and gave them away to all the kids who attended the party. There was also an instant print photobooth that we hired for two hours so that guests could take something home to remember the day. My mother-in-law was nice to lend a hand as she helped prepare the main course and desserts. I made my famous egg sandwiches for a quick bite and drinks.

We started the cake blowing and cutting ceremony at about 1.30pm when a majority of the guests arrived. I had ordered a simple white buttercream icing rainbow vanilla cake and stuck on a cute birthday banner and birthday candle. I wanted to keep everything simple. The theme of lil Aryan's birthday was carnival circus hence the red striped white outfit he has on. 

It was an exciting moment for us as first time parents and I was truly grateful for my little family. Aryan was loving the attention everyone was giving him and played with the other small babies around. 

We bought for our little one a small Porsche black sport car and I put a nice red bow on it. Of course, Aryan love his new car from us and couldn't get enough of it. 

Overall, the small birthday party was a success and everyone was giving compliments about the main course that my mother-in-law prepared. Not only that, everyone said the cake was delicious and love the goodie bags I created for them. No guys, I did not hire an event planner because I love doing these kind of events. So yes, I was proud with the result of my goodie bags. I made one for the adults and one for the kids who attended. How do you guys like it? Do you think I have the skills for making cute goodie bags for parties? LOL This one is the kids goodie bag or box I would say. I haven't got the shot of the adult goodie bags but you can see it in the video of the party below.

If you want to check out the excitement, watch the video down below.

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