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How to Travel On A Plane With A Baby

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

It cannot be denied that this frightens parents and could even make us feel anxious. Travelling with a baby needs a lot of planning as you could never guess the mood of your baby. Some days they are good, but some days it drives you crazy. So for the parents who are planning a family vacation and bringing your baby to join in the fun, don't fret. Here are some travel tips that you could follow to make your flight with baby more comfortable. 

1. Pack the complete baby essential bag

A big huge thanks to flights who allow an unlimited weight of baby carry on bags on the plane. If you are overwhelmed with what to pack for the in-flight baby essentials bag, here is what you need. 
  • a sufficient amount of diapers
  • formula milk for those who are not breastfeeding
  • baby wipes
  • water bottle to make the formula milk
  • some toys to entertain your baby on the plane
  • nappy cream
  • tissues
  • two change of comfortable baby clothes
  • baby bottle/pacifier
  • small towel

Do not worry about the weight as the immigration won't deny your baby essential bag during the scanning/body check procedure. 

2. Plan seats ahead of time

If you have the opportunity to plan your trip ahead of time to get a cheaper flight ticket price, please take the choice of selecting your seats ahead of time. If you have some extra cash, pay for the premium seat with lots of space for your legs to move. These seats are located in the first row of all planes. If you want comfort, opt for the area with a bassinet for the baby. Bassinets need to be booked way beforehand as planes have a limited amount of bassinets which they need to install before anyone boards the plane. If your plane allows babies in first class and you have some budget to spare, you can experience the lux and comfort too. 

As for me, the first time I flew with my baby who was 7 months old at the time, I tried for the bassinet seats but it was fully booked. I bought the tickets from Malaysia Airlines (MAS) way early but no one told me the existence of bassinet for babies on planes. So when I called a week before it was fully booked and I missed that chance of experiencing the comfort of the bassinet. But I was lucky that my baby was very cooperative during the flight.

The second time flying with a baby, I was really tight on the budget department so I purchased a ticket from AirAsia with a regular seat in the 11th row which is the middle of the plane layout. Of course I choose the window seat so that my 1 year old baby did not jump into the aisle but my legs hardly had any space to move so I was in a static position. Not to mention that, the person in front of me dropped his seat in a reclining position leading me to not move an inch but it still made my baby's head kept bumping onto the back of the seat whenever my baby was moving around. Babies under 2 years old is to be seated in the lap of one parent or guardian. Uncomfortable for you and the baby.

The second time flying was challenging as he gets bored with everything fast and feels restless throughout the flight. However, being the supermom to the rescue, I managed to make him take a hour nap despite the limited space to move when he was acting out crying. Guys, if you never flew with babies or toddlers, please understand that they will cry in the plane and we parents are doing our best to calm him. So please do not give us the side eyes as we feel uncomfortable and guilty enough for the baby's cry. Please do not complain to get us thrown out of the plane for our disruptive crying baby as we are trying to go out and have a nice lil family trip. Being a parent is a hard enough, so even though you might not know it but that nice comment 'It's okay, you are doing good' or 'They are babies. If they want to cry, they cry. It's not your fault' or even that sweet sympathetic smile or the act of trying to play with our baby to make him laugh on the flight, it makes us parents feel grateful that you are understanding and giving us a break from all the overwhelming emotions.  Thank you for those sweet people. 

3. Take advantage of priority lane

If your airport or flight practices the priority lane, please take advantage of this. It allows you to bring your baby in first before other passengers. The priority lanes are offered only for parents with young children under the age of 12, the disabled, pregnant ladies and elderly folks. I definitely took this priority lane as it gives you the chance to get in your seat with your baby and avoid the risk of bumping your baby to others who are still figuring out their seats as well as the falling of carry on bags from the head compartments. For those who don't have kids, please understand that parents are not cutting the line out of pleasure but yes, we do it to keep our baby as comfortable as possible so they would be less likely to get hurt and bother you with their crying later. 

4. Diaper care

Okay, if you are in a short flight, you may get away with this but to be safe, please change your baby's diaper before taking off. A majority of airports nowadays are equipped with baby rooms for parents to handle what they need. Being a Malaysian, I appreciate KLIA and KLIA2 as these airports provide comfortable baby rooms for parents to change baby's diapers. It has soap, tissues, trash can, huge sink to give your baby a quick shower, a curtain room for nursing mothers and even a COWAY water filter to make your baby's formula milk. It provides a comfortable space for parents to change their baby diapers before and after a flight. This is definitely helpful as it makes baby less cranky on the plane. 

5. Protect your baby's ears

During take off and descending, be prepared to give your baby something to suck on. If your baby does pacifiers, stuck it in your baby's mouth during these two crucial times so that your baby will not feel the uncomfortable ring in the ears. However, if your baby does not like pacifiers like mine, I always prepare a full bottle of milk at hand and ready to put it into his mouth. And trust me, it works!  

So did you have your share of challenge travelling with a baby? Could you relate to this topic? Share your baby plane experiences with  me down below. Love to hear it! XOXO

Lil Aryan's First Birthday Party

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Last week on Sunday, I had organized the first birthday party of my lil Aryan. He is one year old! Time flies so fast and I had been planning his birthday for a few months. My husband and I invited close family and friends to celebrate the exciting day with us. It is not just Aryan's birthday but it also is a celebration of us being parents. We survived for a year. 

The party started around 11.00 am where a clown was there to entertain the kids and made the party alive. The clown made a lot of balloons and gave them away to all the kids who attended the party. There was also an instant print photobooth that we hired for two hours so that guests could take something home to remember the day. My mother-in-law was nice to lend a hand as she helped prepare the main course and desserts. I made my famous egg sandwiches for a quick bite and drinks.

We started the cake blowing and cutting ceremony at about 1.30pm when a majority of the guests arrived. I had ordered a simple white buttercream icing rainbow vanilla cake and stuck on a cute birthday banner and birthday candle. I wanted to keep everything simple. The theme of lil Aryan's birthday was carnival circus hence the red striped white outfit he has on. 

It was an exciting moment for us as first time parents and I was truly grateful for my little family. Aryan was loving the attention everyone was giving him and played with the other small babies around. 

We bought for our little one a small Porsche black sport car and I put a nice red bow on it. Of course, Aryan love his new car from us and couldn't get enough of it. 

Overall, the small birthday party was a success and everyone was giving compliments about the main course that my mother-in-law prepared. Not only that, everyone said the cake was delicious and love the goodie bags I created for them. No guys, I did not hire an event planner because I love doing these kind of events. So yes, I was proud with the result of my goodie bags. I made one for the adults and one for the kids who attended. How do you guys like it? Do you think I have the skills for making cute goodie bags for parties? LOL This one is the kids goodie bag or box I would say. I haven't got the shot of the adult goodie bags but you can see it in the video of the party below.

If you want to check out the excitement, watch the video down below.


5 Must Visit Places in Kundasang, Sabah

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Last Wednesday, the husband and I went for a little family trip to what people call the Malaysia's New Zealand which is in Kundasang, Sabah. Getting away from the city lights, bustling sounds and traffic is what we needed the most especially since we could not remember the last time we took a day off from work for a family day. The husband wanted to celebrate our second wedding anniversary here and we brought the baby along with us. 

Our flight was 8.45am on Thursday, 11th January, and we had to wake up early to get ourselves ready. As soon as we arrived at the Kota Kinabalu International Airport (KKIA) from Kuala Lumpur, we had a car waiting for us. I had booked to rent a car a month before our trip to make sure we have transportation once we arrived. We rented the car for RM90 per day which is quite an affordable price. If you want to know the phone number of the person in charge for car rental, just drop me a comment.

We got in the car, put our destination in the GPS and headed up to Kundasang which is a two hour drive. Our baby, Aryan, had the chance to finally rest on my lap in the car all the way up. 

Kundasang is a great place for you to breathe in clean fresh air and feel the cool breeze kissing your skin. If you are planning to head up to the mountains of Kundasang, here are some of the top places that you should definitely check out. Since we only had three days to cover the spots with a baby, we only managed to reach a few on our list. See the places that we managed to visit down below. 

1. Kundasang War Memorial, Sabah

The first location we headed to after we had our lunch was Kundasang War Memorial. Kundasang War Memorial is located right in the small town of Kundasang. We had our lunch at KFC Kundasang town and the War Memorial was just a 2 minute drive from it. You can also walk to the War Memorial from the small town as it takes about 4 minute by foot.   

The entrance fee was pretty reasonable with RM2.00 for adults and RM1.00 for kids. This is a must visit place when you visit Kundasang as it has great spots to take your family photos and OOTD shots. The scenery looks amazing with all the white walls, white pillars, vines, flowers and the rustic vibe definitely gets you.

2. Kiram Village

This is the place we stayed but you have to book in advance because this place is always full. We booked for the Pineapple cabin which just so happens is situated right beside the Kiram Village sign. The place is sort of like a Hobbit neighbourhood where there are cute wooden cabins, flowers and trees everywhere. 

Plus, the wind is always blowing and the breeze is cool. It gets colder at night so if you plan to stay here like us, make sure you pack some good knitwear sweaters and bulk up at night. However, if you are not planning to stay here, no worries as you can definitely scroll around here to take amazing pictures too.

3. Desa Dairy Farm. Kundasang

The next day, we visited the Desa Dairy Farm as it is only a 10 minute drive from Kiram Village where we were staying. Once we arrived, we were blown away by the amazing scenery of hills, clouds and New Zealand cows. The entrance fee for adult is RM5 and RM3 for kids. But babies enter for free! 

We started taking our family pictures around the place and went to experience milk feeding the calfs. You could choose whether to feed the calfs grass for RM1.00 or feed them milk for RM1.50 per bottle. Who would want to miss that opportunity? Of course we had stay in line to wait our turn but there was this one dude who was disrespectful and cut our turn. He was definitely not a gentleman as he clearly saw I was waiting perfectly in line carrying my baby in one hand and the milk bottle in another. I was furious of course but I just remained silent because I didn't want to ruin the whole experience. As soon as we went, suddenly there were a lot of couples and families taking a photo of us. I felt really self conscious lol but I know they did it because of my baby. Everyone was apparently going crazy watching my baby's reaction. 

After that, we continued taking more pictures and toured the whole farm. As we got tired, we knew we needed to sit down and indulge in the delicious gelato everyone was talking about. We got the best seat in the house!

This is the famous yogurt/gelato that everyone talks about and costs RM5 per cup. I recommend choosing the chocolate flavour because it was delicious. The vanilla flavour tastes more like pure milk instead of vanilla. There are also some fresh milk and chocolate milk sold at the Desa cafe too. So don't miss buying some! 

As usual, my baby Aryan started to get in the mood and he was less cranky. Of course I took the chance to take his personal OOTD shots with the green hills and white picketed fence as the background. And the staring began again. I don't know why but they just loved Aryan being natural with posing for Mommy behind the camera. There were some people who even asked me and my husbands permission to take a photo with lil Aryan. So we gave Aryan that fan entertaining time while we watched. Aryan just loved the attention everyone was giving him. Even kids were adoring him. Yes guys, Aryan stole everybody's spotlight. I am not kidding or gloating right now. It ABSOLUTELY went down. But I definitely felt proud dressing him up in that stylish leather jacket and beanie hat to match ours 😜

4. Crystal Hill, Kundasang

When we had spent two hours of our time in Desa Dairy Farm, we drove up the hills to reach Crystal Hill. And we stopped at a point to park our car by the side of the small road and hike down to see this amazing view! The entrance to this hill can be easily missed so make sure you do your research of other bloggers to find where you should enter. Well, I made a mistake here too and Googled it in the car just before the hike. Luckily, we found it!

It was only a 5 minute hike but it was steep and slippery. Make sure you wear sneakers and comfortable clothing. I didn't know that it was steep and slippery so I wore my boots. Bad choice as my boots definitely got mud all over it. However, I would always prefer to experience the view rather than worry about my boots. It was definitely worth it.

5. Sabah Tea Garden

The next spot we managed to visit is the Sabah Tea Garden which took an hour drive from Kundasang. Aryan had time to rest for the journey which is good for us as he would not be cranky later. When we arrived, we headed straight to the Sabah Tea Shop to have our late lunch. We were starving! The lunch was good. We took our time there to relax while enjoying the view. Yes, there is no entrance fee. But you can experience tea plucking like the locals here too. Probably they would charge that I guess.

So here are among the spots that we had time to visit while on our short 3 days 2 night stay there. If you are someone like me who loves to feast your eyes on nature, these are the must-visit spots.

Here is a VLOG video I did about the places we visited. Enjoy!

Til, then. Bye! 💗

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