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Ways to Spend Your Holidays at Home

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Are you spending the holidays at home this year and feel bored? No worries as you can spend your holidays productively by doing these holiday traditions. Whether you are single or happily with a special someone, these Christmas traditions will never make you feel down in the dumps on this festive season. Celebrate your singledom or cherish your loved ones by incorporating them in these traditions to make it more fun. Check out below on how to make your days off smooth and full of joy.

 1. Bake

This is definitely the time to brush your baking skills and whip up some delicious cookies to enjoy or serve your holiday guests. If you are single, do it yourself and learn as you go. Take it as a new refreshing experience or you can ask your single friends to join in the fun. However, if you have a family, ask your kids or nephews and nieces to lend you a helping hand. Children definitely love to get their hands in your baking project. Bake the classic gingerbread cookies or go for the ultimate favourite chocolate chip cookies. 

 2. Organize a Dinner Party 

This is a splendid way to catch up with your family, friends and neighbours. Organize a dinner party with scrumptious holiday meals and decorate your home with Christmas ornaments. And yes, a beautifully decorated Christmas tree is a must to have in an area of your home. This will definitely get every one of your guests in the festive jolly mood. 

 3. Have a Christmas Movie Marathon 

Another way to spend your day indoors is by having a Christmas movie marathon alone or with your loved ones. One of my all time favourite is the Home Alone movies and The Santa Clause. These classic 90's movies just brings me back to my childhood years when everything was so simple. Not only that, I also do enjoy some modern love story Christmas movies as well thrown into the mix. Nothing like having your heart flutter during the holidays. Put on your Christmas pyjamas with cute socks to keep your warm and enjoy the movie!

 4. Relax with a Cup of Hot Chocolate

If you want some time to unwind and have a piece of mind, sit by the Christmas tree and sip in some hot chocolate. Feel the spirit of Christmas gazing upon your decorated Christmas tree and beautifully wrapped gifts under it. For those who have kids, sit together with your husband and children while chit chatting. 

 5. Spend Time with Loved Ones

If you are single, go spend your holidays with your family, relatives or other single friends. For a married woman like me, having your husband home for the holidays and joking around with your lil one is priceless. Open gifts together or entertain your children with some Santa Clause stories. You can also go out and bring your children to visit Santa. Pavillion Shopping Mall in Kuala Lumpur has a Santa Clause meet and greet as well as photo session that you can experience together. 

So how did you spend your Christmas holidays this year? Feel free to share with me your incredible plans. 

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