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Reasons Why Your Parenting Style is The Best

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Honestly, since I became a mother it is frustrating when I see other mom's are judged on the way they raise their kids. I know I have been judged as well in how I take care of my lil one. These comments come from family members, in laws, friends and even strangers. However, one thing that they do not know is that you can never understand the situation if you do not actually experience it for your own self. Until you are in that person's shoes, being a parent is hard enough but having to hear or read negative comments on how you raise your child is adding more to our frustration. Although we are not perfect and make small mistakes along the way, no one can understand what you go through unless they are living in your body. So bottom line is , keep your judgement comments or momshaming words to yourself. 

1. You know your child the best

Okay, it does not matter whether you child is taken care of by a babysitter, mother or in law, you are still the one who knows your child the best. Why? Well, mainly because they are your product and you developed that bond way before anyone else does. DNA is what we call it. You know the distinct cries for a nappy change, cranky, sleep or hungry. You even know when your child is not behaving normally or have fallen ill.  Do not let others determine what your baby needs as at the end of the day, you wished you had listened to your own self. Trust the mother instinct in you.

2. Times have changed

You can never run away from the fact that others will give advice on your parenting style. Things that used to work before might not work for us today. Everything is different from 30, 20, 10 or even 5 years before. Long gone are the days where you let your kids go to the candy store alone or play at the park with their friends without supervision until dark. Some of our decisions now may be hard for the generation different from us to understand. The good thing is we often spend a lot amount of time researching (GOOGLE) on how to make our child's life a great one. But one thing that never changes is the amount of love parents have for their children. 

3. Your sleep method, your choice

If you want to train your baby to sleep in the cot in a different room, do it. If you want to have them beside your bed, have them there. If you want to co-sleep and bed share, have your way. I know that there are a lot of parents out there who co-sleep with their lil one as it makes them feel more comforted. Not only that, it is convenient for breastfeeding mothers too. 

Some babies like mine prefer to sleep beside us as they feel protected by our presence. Hence the IKEA baby cot we bought is left empty beside our bed. Of course they are pros and cons to co-sleeping. However, many of us mothers feel ashamed to admit that we do co-sleep with our lil ones as we know that we would definitely be judged. 

4. No advice from people without kids are accepted

Of course, do not ignore the 'Your baby is so cute' comment but if they do not have kids, anything they say should be taken with a grain of salt. People without kids who have their opinions and judgement comes from a place of ignorance. As I mentioned above, if you do not walk in their shoes, you will never EVER can relate to it. The solution to understand us parents is to start having your own kids. 

5. You are doing great !

Despite of messing up a few times in your parenting style, never doubt your own self. You are strong and you are doing great. Trust me. You choose your parenting ways and own it. Although parenting has its trying moments, you will learn along the way. Find a tribe that shares experience rather than opinions and remember, your decisions is the best for YOUR family.

So did you have your share of momshaming experiences? Feel free to share them with me and we could swap stories! 

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