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How to Establish a Bedtime Routine for Your Baby

Friday, September 15, 2017

For all the parents out there, this is the topic you normally google up when you are frustrated on setting a bedtime schedule for your lil one. But do know that it takes some trial and error for us parents to actually find the perfect fit for our lil one as each babies are different. My husband and I struggled for awhile to set the bedtime routine which fits our lil precious one but we found the solution. It took us awhile being first time parents but the experience we had was awesome. Therefore, let me share with you the steps we had to endure to establish the bedtime routine for your baby. This is not some cliche points. These are real experiences. But trust me, when your baby turns four to six months old, it gets easier for you to have more shut eye time at night. Haha

1. Do not leave him hungry

First and foremost if you are working parents or not, make sure that your baby gets milk or his/her dinner by 8pm. Hungry babies will become very cranky and settling down to sleep will be quite challenging. 

2. Set a consistent bedtime

As hard as it is as babies do not know how to follow the time and often goes to sleep whenever they feel like it, try to set a consistent time. For example, if 9.00pm your baby seems giddy and happy, play with him to tire him out so that by 10.00pm you could rock him to sleep. Although you must know that this might change every now and then as your baby grows up. For my baby, he only takes a nap at 8.00pm and ends up waking up for a couple of hours after for playtime. But as soon as the clock strikes 11.00pm or if he shows signs of yawning or rubbing his eyes, we know it is time for the bedtime ritual to start. See point below. However, be flexible if your baby seems to stay up late than usual.

3. Create a ritual 

Okay, this point always come up in a lot of these kind of topics but it is crucially important. Create a bedtime ritual which will in time make your lil one understand that is time to get ready to sleep. Some people bathe their baby with warm water as a cue while some read their baby a bedtime story. Well it didn't work for our baby (lol) but it is not impossible that it does work for some. However, for us, we wipe his body with a warm soaked towel, wash his face, changed his diaper, give him a bottle of his milk and while the baby is drinking his milk, we pretend we are asleep. When our baby makes a sound and tries to wake us up, we pretended to be sound asleep and to our astonishment, he slept on his own. DO take note, this worked when he turned 8 months old. Before that, we had to rock him in his bouncer to sleep.

4. Go dark

Do not leave the light on just because you feel or think that your lil one will be afraid. This is because they are still too young to understand. The dark as a matter of fact helps to get your baby's body into sleep mode faster as your body releases melatonin, a hormone which helps the body transition to sleep. Even as adults falls asleep easier in the dark.

5. Put him down drowsy

Okay, if you try to put him down for his sleep while he is active, you will know that he will not be ready for bed. So to tire him out, give him toys or entertain him for an hour or two until he gets drowsy. Your baby will definitely fall asleep easier when he/she feels exhausted. 

So how did you experimented in setting that bedtime routine for your baby? Feel free to share your experiences in the comment section below.

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