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How to Work That Vintage Tee in Style

Friday, August 25, 2017

Hey, do you have a vintage inspired tee hanging in your closet or a new t-shirt you just do not how to wear it with style? Well, if you are someone who is looking to give that vintage tee of yours appear more edgy, there are some fashion tips to apply. As much as it easy to match that tee with a pair of jeans, there are exciting ways to boost that confidence of yours by picking out some extra pieces to complete your look from your own wardrobe. Let's take a look of some pieces that can definitely help turn a simple tee into something incredible.

1. Outerwear

 Outerwear is important in making your t-shirt appear more stylish. Rather than choosing a cardigan or hoodie, opt for a brave approach by layering up your tee with a nice leather jacket. Black is the easiest and safest choice to give you that 'in control' appearance. If you want a simpler touch, denim jackets can work its wonders as well.

2. Ripped Jeans


Give your outfit some rugged hint by wearing a pair of ripped jeans. The shaggy torn look is timeless and works great if you know how to pull it off. There are various designs of ripped jeans out there so select the design which suits your personal style. That ripped effect complements your vintage tee in the perfect way it can.

3. Perfect Footwear
Who says that shoes aren't important? The right choice of footwear to match your whole outfit is what makes or breaks it. For the ladies who are aiming to get that tomboyish appeal can opt for some black boots while the ladies who want to give your edgy outfit a hint of sophistication can definitely rock on some high heels.

4. Swag~

Last but not least, your whole look will not be complete if you cannot carry it with confidence. Confidence is what makes a woman appear beautiful in the eyes of others. Therefore, show off your swag and walk out looking fly from head-to-toe.


So share with us if you have any extra fashion tips to add to the mix in turning that vintage tee of yours with today's modern trends. Til, then.

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