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How to Bond with Baby for Working Moms

Sunday, August 27, 2017

This topic is the dilemma of all working moms out there including me. Returning to work after delivering the baby is a hard decision to make. You will feel whether you want to leave work to be a full time mother or go back to work and rock your career as well as help provide for the family. As in today's bad economy, both parents have to work to earn a living and baby expenses are EXPENSIVE! So with heavy hearts, we have to go back to work no matter we like it or not. 

However, leaving your baby after your maternity leave ends is a tough experience and to be honest, you will start to feel as if your bond with baby fade away. You become jealous with the babysitter or caregiver because your baby tends to spend more time with them than you. You also start to feel sad because you have to miss a lot of their early milestones. Well, no matter what happens remember that you are doing the best you can for your baby and having mother guilt is normal (I am still coping with it until this day so I understand you Moms) Let's check out how to bond with baby and still keep climbing your career with success. 

1. Quality Time vs Quantity

Since you are working moms, finding a huge amount of time to spend with baby is difficult because you spend your day time at work. Therefore, make sure that before you head off to work that you spend some time with your little one. Like me, I often head off early to work at about 6.00 am every morning and my little one still is sound asleep. So I give him soft kisses on the forehead and cheek while caressing his hair. And do not forget to spend time as soon as you arrive home from work by playing, laughing, hugging and give extra extra kisses so that your baby knows that you will always be there. Put away your phone, forget about work and make family time your priority after work hours.

2. Understand Baby Cues

Some people can naturally pick this up fast while others take some time. But you can pay attention to different types of gestures, body language and cries to detect what your baby is trying to say to you. As your baby grows fast and some changes will happen, always become familiar with these cues. You will definitely feel more close to your little one and lessen your worries.

3. Sleep and Eat with Your Baby

Like me, he sleeps beside me on my bed every single night since I delivered. I feel that I can keep my little one safer that way because I am a light sleeper. Even the slightest sound, twitch or movement from my baby, I am fast awake. But I will train my baby to sleep in his cot soon. You can also sing a bedtime lullaby and cuddle the LO. However, if you are putting your baby down for a nap during the day, just lay beside them even if you are not sleepy. 

Besides that, whenever you can feed your baby, do it! Talk with them and make a conversation with them during meal time. Look into your baby eyes and put your entire focus towards him/her.

4. Delay the Chores

Okay, being a working mom or not, chores around the house is a part of our life. However, since your baby hardly is with you during the day, spend your free time with your baby when they are awake. Delay those chores for awhile. You will definitely love the giggles, hugs and cries your little one does.  Get your spouse to give you a helping hand with chores too so everything gets done fast.

5. Be Consistent

A specific routine is a must to ensure that your baby understands when to wake up, eat, nap, bath and sleep. Although there are days when your baby may be cranky and does not want to let you go, do not make it a habit. 

6. Let It Go

Finally, let it go and do the best you can as a parent. Do not try to be perfect as it will make you feel more stressed. Just make the best of your life and never put yourself down for something that goes wrong (I know we moms tend to do that). 

So what are your ways in making the bond stronger with your baby? Please feel free to share your ways so working moms out there can learn a thing or two.

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