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Pregnancy Journey

Friday, March 24, 2017

Getting married is such as magical experience but what comes next? Babies, of course! Some women tend to hold it off a year or two before having a baby. But my husband and I decided to go with the flow for this first child. After being married for about 3 months, we conceived and it started when I felt weird a week before I miss my period. At that time, the hubs and I took the train together. The long walks and rushing to catch the train made me extra tired. Then my boobs started to feel sore and I had the hunch that I might just be pregnant.  However, I did not want to get my hopes up before I really am sure.
So the next day I bought two types of pregnancy test, the stripe result one and the expensive digital one (to really make sure lol). My husband was nervous as well but he tried to not get his hopes up too. He told me to do the test tomorrow morning when the HTG levels are high but after dinner that night I could not handle the wait so I took the stripe result type of pregnancy test and went into the toilet. My husband asked’ What are you doing? Taking the test?’ I answered ‘Yup, I can’t take it anymore’. The hubs waited patiently in the living room.
The result was positive and I walked to my husband leaving the pregnancy test on the bathroom’s sink. He asked ‘Positive?’ I said ‘I am not sure. How about you go take a look?’ He quickly rushed to the toilet and saw the results. He thought the test was wrong. I said ‘No, I did it right. You are going to be a daddy!’ I analyzed his face. He was so excited but still not to get his hopes up before we confirm it at the clinic. The next day after work, we both were eager and nervous to know the results from the doctor. And yes, at that moment the hubs started into my eyes and we were truly grateful. I was 4 weeks 3 days pregnant at the time.

First Trimester

I tried to keep my pregnancy secret for as long as I can. Until I hit 6 weeks when there was some bleeding/spotting. The cat is out of the bag and I had to tell my colleagues as well as bosses. They were happy but wanted me to take care of myself. The doctor gave me Duphaston and medical leave for a week. I was on full bed rest and had to take time off work. I was afraid that I will lose the baby. Then I was lucky I had understanding bosses and let me work from home when the week was up.
Morning sickness (all day sickness), cravings, tiredness and sleepy is what I felt during this stage. My morning sickness was still in control as I only vomit twice during the first trimester.
The glucose test I took twice because I threw up the first time around. Imagine you have to fast the night before and drink a huge glass of glucose the next morning. Then you have to hold it together for two hours before checking your result. Luckily I passed the second time and the results was okay.

Second Trimester
The best phase ever! I got back to work in the office, morning sickness went out of the window and I felt more alive. I do have occasional cravings but most I craved for fast food. McDonalds, Pizza and KFC were my top fast food craves.

The hubs and I also went for our Babymoon towards the end of the second trimester. We went to Ipoh Bali Hotel to enjoy some private time together. The hubs was romantic as he planned a romantic candle light dinner the second night we were there. The staff and service from the Ipoh Bali Hotel was spectacular too.

Third Trimester

Okay, the rough phase because I was extra tired and the belly was getting huge every single day. My balance was off, my feet were swollen, sleepy, hungry all the time but still excited to meet the baby. Not only that, my glucose level went up and I had to be on a controlled diet. I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant but it was not critical.

My specialist laid everything out on the birth plan on every visit and he was like a father figure to me. Dr.Philip from Selayang Hospital was a chill, matured, skilled and comforting. He is the Head of the OBGYN department in the hospital and is really experienced. He made me feel that I can trust him to make sure me and the baby is safe. My expected due date was 16 January but baby decided to come at the last minute and not earlier like my friends experiences were.

The Panic Stage
You know when people say you just know that you will be in labour soon when you feel a sudden burst of energy? Well, one morning when I woke up I had that burst of energy that people often describe. I cleaned and tidied up the nursery but it sure triggered spotting because I suddenly felt something dripping to my panties. It was brown spotting and I felt some mild cramps. I texted my husband and told him to just be alert because I feel it’s getting near. That night, the cramps were getting painful but I could still handle it. My husband predicted that we would be rushing to the hospital in a few hours. Well, guess what? He was right! I started waking up every hour that night to pee and exactly at 3am in the morning, I had the bloody show. We immediately rushed to the hospital and got admitted on 12th January. Lucikly, we already packed the hospital bag.

The Labour
My labour was long. It took two days for the contractions to get wild and on 14th January, 5.06pm I delivered my beautiful baby boy. The contractions were extreme and my husband was there all the way not having enough sleep as well. He was with me during the long labour experience and held my hand throughout everything. I am a lucky woman.
My labour was assisted at the end with vacuum so I tore really badly. The episiotomy wound was huge and needed a few months to actually heal because my wound stitches had a complete breakdown later after being discharged. Despite the pain, I remembered the first time I saw my baby on my chest after pushing him out, the tears of joy took over and the pain went away. Although my pain was admitted to the NICU the next day, well, that’s a different story to tell. Maybe in another post if you are interested.

Well, this was my experience (I tried to summarize it) and as painful as it is for me, I am grateful I safely delivered my baby and have a supporting husband. Share with me your experiences and feel free to ask me anything about the process. 
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