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Beauty Review: SKII Facial Essence Set

Sunday, October 30, 2016

SKII is one of the popular beauty product which has been getting a lot of attention from Asians. I am a pessimist in skin care products because I often feel dissapointed with the products I tried in the past. I was always looking for a beauty product which brings a great result and sold at a reasonable price. I discovered SKII advertisements when I flip magazines and took some time to purchase in order try it myself. So finally, I bought it with an open mind and have been applying it everyday. One thing that I am grateful about is that I do not have a bad skin problem but my skin condition is dry and with blemishes. SKII definitely helps bring a positive solution to my skin even after one week application.

The discovery of SKII secret ingredients was found in 1970s when scientist realized how youthful are the hands of aged sake brewers in a small sake brewery. The unbelievable discovery had made the scientists in those days eager to come up with a beauty product which can solve the problems of our skin. They discover that the fermentation liquid process was the true reason behind smooth youthful hands of the sake brewers. Establishing itself throughout the years, the SKII brand offers a wide range of products consisting of facial essence treatment, cleanser, toners, moisturizers, eye care and facial masks. Your worries have now come to an end as with SKII, you can achieve crystal clear skin!

I have applied SKII for a few weeks now and have truly felt the difference. My skin is more moisturized and I feel fresh after every application.

The price maybe a bit pricey but it can last for a month depending on how frequent you apply it. Since the SKII facial treatment essence has a certain scent to it, I only apply it at night before I go to bed. First, wash your face with a facial cleanser such as from SKII or any regular cleanser you have at home. Dab your face with a towel and swipe those excess dirt away with SKII toner. You will absolutely realize how it cleanses out your pores in every swipe. Lastly, apply the SKII facial treatment essence throughout your face and let it dry. The SKII facial mask can be worn once a week when you want to unwind from a long stressful week.
My rate for SKII facial treatment essence set:
Moisturizing effect- ★★★★★
Effectiveness – ★★★★
Price- ★★★
Recommended- ★★★★★

Disclaimer: The review is done solely based on my personal experience and own opinions.

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