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How to Travel On A Plane With A Baby

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

It cannot be denied that this frightens parents and could even make us feel anxious. Travelling with a baby needs a lot of planning as you could never guess the mood of your baby. Some days they are good, but some days it drives you crazy. So for the parents who are planning a family vacation and bringing your baby to join in the fun, don't fret. Here are some travel tips that you could follow to make your flight with baby more comfortable. 

1. Pack the complete baby essential bag

A big huge thanks to flights who allow an unlimited weight of baby carry on bags on the plane. If you are overwhelmed with what to pack for the in-flight baby essentials bag, here is what you need. 
  • a sufficient amount of diapers
  • formula milk for those who are not breastfeeding
  • baby wipes
  • water bottle to make the formula milk
  • some toys to entertain your baby on the plane
  • nappy cream
  • tissues
  • two change of comfortable baby clothes
  • baby bottle/pacifier
  • small towel

Do not worry about the weight as the immigration won't deny your baby essential bag during the scanning/body check procedure. 

2. Plan seats ahead of time

If you have the opportunity to plan your trip ahead of time to get a cheaper flight ticket price, please take the choice of selecting your seats ahead of time. If you have some extra cash, pay for the premium seat with lots of space for your legs to move. These seats are located in the first row of all planes. If you want comfort, opt for the area with a bassinet for the baby. Bassinets need to be booked way beforehand as planes have a limited amount of bassinets which they need to install before anyone boards the plane. If your plane allows babies in first class and you have some budget to spare, you can experience the lux and comfort too. 

As for me, the first time I flew with my baby who was 7 months old at the time, I tried for the bassinet seats but it was fully booked. I bought the tickets from Malaysia Airlines (MAS) way early but no one told me the existence of bassinet for babies on planes. So when I called a week before it was fully booked and I missed that chance of experiencing the comfort of the bassinet. But I was lucky that my baby was very cooperative during the flight.

The second time flying with a baby, I was really tight on the budget department so I purchased a ticket from AirAsia with a regular seat in the 11th row which is the middle of the plane layout. Of course I choose the window seat so that my 1 year old baby did not jump into the aisle but my legs hardly had any space to move so I was in a static position. Not to mention that, the person in front of me dropped his seat in a reclining position leading me to not move an inch but it still made my baby's head kept bumping onto the back of the seat whenever my baby was moving around. Babies under 2 years old is to be seated in the lap of one parent or guardian. Uncomfortable for you and the baby.

The second time flying was challenging as he gets bored with everything fast and feels restless throughout the flight. However, being the supermom to the rescue, I managed to make him take a hour nap despite the limited space to move when he was acting out crying. Guys, if you never flew with babies or toddlers, please understand that they will cry in the plane and we parents are doing our best to calm him. So please do not give us the side eyes as we feel uncomfortable and guilty enough for the baby's cry. Please do not complain to get us thrown out of the plane for our disruptive crying baby as we are trying to go out and have a nice lil family trip. Being a parent is a hard enough, so even though you might not know it but that nice comment 'It's okay, you are doing good' or 'They are babies. If they want to cry, they cry. It's not your fault' or even that sweet sympathetic smile or the act of trying to play with our baby to make him laugh on the flight, it makes us parents feel grateful that you are understanding and giving us a break from all the overwhelming emotions.  Thank you for those sweet people. 

3. Take advantage of priority lane

If your airport or flight practices the priority lane, please take advantage of this. It allows you to bring your baby in first before other passengers. The priority lanes are offered only for parents with young children under the age of 12, the disabled, pregnant ladies and elderly folks. I definitely took this priority lane as it gives you the chance to get in your seat with your baby and avoid the risk of bumping your baby to others who are still figuring out their seats as well as the falling of carry on bags from the head compartments. For those who don't have kids, please understand that parents are not cutting the line out of pleasure but yes, we do it to keep our baby as comfortable as possible so they would be less likely to get hurt and bother you with their crying later. 

4. Diaper care

Okay, if you are in a short flight, you may get away with this but to be safe, please change your baby's diaper before taking off. A majority of airports nowadays are equipped with baby rooms for parents to handle what they need. Being a Malaysian, I appreciate KLIA and KLIA2 as these airports provide comfortable baby rooms for parents to change baby's diapers. It has soap, tissues, trash can, huge sink to give your baby a quick shower, a curtain room for nursing mothers and even a COWAY water filter to make your baby's formula milk. It provides a comfortable space for parents to change their baby diapers before and after a flight. This is definitely helpful as it makes baby less cranky on the plane. 

5. Protect your baby's ears

During take off and descending, be prepared to give your baby something to suck on. If your baby does pacifiers, stuck it in your baby's mouth during these two crucial times so that your baby will not feel the uncomfortable ring in the ears. However, if your baby does not like pacifiers like mine, I always prepare a full bottle of milk at hand and ready to put it into his mouth. And trust me, it works!  

So did you have your share of challenge travelling with a baby? Could you relate to this topic? Share your baby plane experiences with  me down below. Love to hear it! XOXO

23 comments on "How to Travel On A Plane With A Baby"
  1. waa. good tips btw.
    mek tak pernah travel dengan ank naik plane sebab takot tk selesa as ue said.
    plus, tu dalam plane, tk dgr lagi drama dekat airport. hhuhuh.
    memang respect parents boleh handle baby on plane

    1. Aww thank you. Tula memang mencabar naik plane dgn baby.

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