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Glamping Trip to GLAMZ @ Genting Highlands

Thursday, February 28, 2019

The husband turned the big 30 a few days ago and I wanted to treat him to something extra this year apart from giving him a gift. I thought we both liked camping so why not get back to nature but we wanted to of course bring our tot , Aryan along and camping in the woods the classic way might be too early for him. Hence I figured why not do glamping style instead  (Glamourous Camping). If you do not know what it is, it is basically camping with more comfort such as a bed, a private bathroom for your use, running water in your tent as well as other necessities that will make you feel like home. 

I stumbled upon this place called GLAMZ located at Genting Highlands and the price per tent was in an affordable range for me. There are three different types of tents which is the safari like tent RM250 per night, the dome room RM350 per night and the VIP Dome Room with a private jacuzzi which costs around RM1K. I choose the Dome Room and booked on a non-peak season on the weekdays to get the RM350 including breakfast for two. The place looks cute and kid friendly. I made my reservations a month before and when the day came, we drove up to the highlands and ready to get away from the hustle bustle of the city life. 

We arrived there early at 2.30pm but GLAMZ only allowed us to be checked in at 3pm sharp so we had to find something to do to fill in the time. I decided that we can visit the strawberry farm in Genting to my husband so Aryan can pick some fresh strawberries. Aryan definitely loved the experience and was excited asking Mommy & Daddy to pluck strawberries and put it in his basket. He soon learned to pluck it by himself along the way. 

After the strawberry farm visit, we drove back to GLAMZ and when we walked in, we immediately love the layout of the place. It was refreshing and each tent was designed in its own private yet gated compound. Aryan loved running around the tent on the fake grass. 

The Dome Room we stayed was equipped with a floor bed, a hammock, a bean bag, a sofa, a portable air cooler, a fan, a clothing rack, a long standing mirror and a wicker like storage space that also acted as a coffee table. The whole room and compound of the tent flooring was covered with fake grass as well. Not only that, there was also a sitting area outside of the tent for us to enjoy the cold breeze and nature. The bathroom also has heater as well. Do take note that there is no television but your phone and internet line is strong so if you think you might feel bored, no worries, your internet connection will be good there. LOL But we toured around the place and GLAMZ also had a public jacuzzi area as well as a BBQ area for larger groups to use. We just loved enjoying some quality family time there. 


Also, there is a nice mosquito net that was hanging from the ceiling tent that we used to when we were sleeping at night and it was a great experience waking up watching the forest from our dome tent. We walked to the cafe area to have our family breakfast while enjoying the cold morning Genting breeze in peace. The cekodok pisang tasted amazing and we went for not seconds but thirds! hahaha

As soon as we had our breakfast, we walked back to our tent and Aryan posed for Mommy the entire walk back to the tent. We played around the tent for awhile and took our shower to get ready for checkout. Overall, we loved the place and it will be a nice stay for those who want to get away from the hecticness of life once in awhile. 

I also made a VLOG on my Youtube Channel about our stay there. Do have a look on this video down below. 

Til, next time. 


Baby's First Visit to the Zoo - A Day at ZOO Negara

Thursday, December 20, 2018

This entry might be a month overdue but still I want to share with you the experience we had :)

Last month, we wanted to go for a family day out but we prefer some place that is kid-friendly and we decided that bringing Aryan to the Zoo will be a great idea. We wore matching safari-inspired outfits for our day at the Zoo wearing a white top, khaki pants and shoes. Stepping into the Zoo at 10.15am after purchasing two adult tickets for RM43 each (children under 3 years old entry for free so Aryan got in free), we were greeted by the Zoo photographers to take a picture with a Panda mascot. Well that didn't go well as Aryan freaked out and was crying. So we decided to just proceed with our agenda and went to watch the animal live shows which was starting at 11am. The animal live show space was crowded but the show really was entertaining. Aryan love observing all the tricks the animals were doing.

After the live show ended, we walked on over to a space called Children's World in Zoo Negara where there would be an animal feeding session. The animal feeding session started at 12pm and Aryan was starting to feel comfortable enough to walk around when he saw other children around the area. I guess he felt that if they were brave enough, so should he. He went to the donkeys, bunnies and goats to pet them as he watched other kids around him feeding these animals. We wanted Aryan to experience feeding the animals by himself too so the hubs went to get the food supply from the Zoo Negara rangers in charge in that area.

Aryan was a fast learner as he was so independent feeding all the bunnies and goats. Just so you know, bunnies are his favorite animal. After around 30 minutes or so, we washed Aryan's hand with soap at the sink available in the same area and went to explore the whole Zoo. From looking at the elephants, tigers, giraffes, zebras and more.


The pandas (whom are placed in an air-conditioned building) were sleeping when we came but they are definitely cute. We bought a cupcake at the Panda cafe and Aryan was so hungry he was licking icing on his fingers.

 Aryan knew the existences of all these animals during this Zoo visit which became a fun yet educational experience for him. Overall, it was a well spent family day and we got a family photo of ourselves to remember Aryan's first visit to the Zoo with Mommy & Daddy.

Where should we bring our lil tot next? Share your ideas with me down below. Love to hear them!

Til then.


Celebrating Halloween 2018 at LEGOLAND Malaysia Brick-or-Treat Festival

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Last weekend, the husband and I brought our lil Aryan to celebrate his second Halloween celebration at the amazing LEGOLAND Malaysia in Nusajaya, Johor. To be honest, we have never been there since LEGOLAND opened its doors in Malaysia. I was definitely impressed especially knowing now that every year on Friday and Saturday of October, they organize a Halloween Brick-or-Trick festival from opening hours to 8pm. 

I had planned this trip since three weeks earlier when I read about it and did my research on the Halloween activities held. We started this tradition where we would bring Aryan somewhere to celebrate the fun of Halloween and after doing a lot of research and Googling, LEGOLAND was definitely the perfect yet suitable place to bring our little toddler too. 

We stayed in Johor for 3 days and 2 nights where the first day we spent by bringing Aryan to a cute classic old school funfair in Danga Bay Theme Park. My eyes always twinkles especially when I see the Carousel or also known as the Merry-Go-Round ride. It has always been a dream of mine since I was a  little girl to ride it and every time we went to funfairs when I was a girl, I had never gotten the chance to get on it. But my dream came true as I got to experience it for the first time with the apple of my eye, my lil boy who loved it too. That was one of his favourite rides in the whole funfair where we went on it a few times. As soon as we had enough fun, we headed back to the hotel, enjoyed a hot shower and crashed in bed. My husband was definitely tired from the four hour drive. 

The next day, we woke up early to get ready to experience the Brick-or-Treat festival in LEGOLAND. As soon as we stepped into the gates of the LEGOLAND compound, we felt like a little kid again except Aryan or course because he already is a kid! LOL .  When we entered, there was a Pumpkin Prelude Show where one of the The Pumpkin Man asked Aryan for a high five and proceeded to push Aryan in his stroller for a few minutes around the area and it was the cutest experience. After The Pumpkin Man waved goodbye, we stopped and had breakfast at The Cafe at the beginning of the LEGOLAND theme park to fill our grumbling tummies and while the husband was ordering food, me and Aryan took a lil cute selfie. Also, we got a 10% off meal voucher from The Cafe if we go eat at another restaurant during our LEGOLAND adventure which we will definitely use it for lunch later. Aryan was being clingy where at times he does not want to seat in his stroller and wants Mommy to carry him around which tested my biceps strength hahaha

The Brick-or-Treat festival starts at 5pm so during the day we went on rides which allowed children under 2 years old such as the boating school ride, the Duplo Express and The Lost Kingdom Adventure. We also went to play with legos at The Lego Academy, visited The Miniland as well as The Lego Star Wars Miniland. Not only that, there was a playground called Duplo Playtown for kids to play and run around in which Aryan definitely had fun. 

Around noon, we stopped to have our lunch at LEGOLAND's Market Restaurant where the husband had chicken rice and I had fish & chips. Aryan ate the jello because he wasn't that hungry.  As we were eating, suddenly it rained and luckily that we were already under dry shelter at the restaurant. 

The rain went on for an hour and a half and by the time it stopped, I felt my mouth craving for something sweet hence we went to grab ice-cream from the shop next door. Aryan was already fast asleep too. 

As soon as we got tired, we went on to have a bite at the Pizza Mania and changed Aryan's diaper so he feels fresh to go watch the Monster Parade that will commence at 4pm. Aryan got scared during half of the friendly Monster Parade Show but he waved goodbye to every single of of them afterwards. 

Then we all went ahead to the toilet to change into our Halloween outfits and was excited to start our Brick-or-Treat festival celebration. We walked around the Lego Kingdom area where the Halloween festival mood was so exhilarating.

We were Dark Demon Angels! If you are wondering how much the wings cost, well, it only costs around RM6.70 from SHOPEE. You can find it here Halloween Angel Feathers Wing Costume. We ended our day by bringing Aryan for some exciting lego shopping spree at The BIG Shop where there were tiny trolley carts for the kids to pick their own toys in. Aryan loved it! 

This was a spooktacular Halloween celebration for our family this year. Hopefully we could visit LEGOLAND Malaysia again and stay at the LEGOLAND Hotel while getting the chance to get on the adult rides too. Where do you think we should go celebrate our Halloween with our lil boy next year? Please drop your suggestions down below as we would love to know.


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